Tuesday, 2 October 2012


          My name is Saiyyidah Nabilah binti  Janora Aladdin  .Now ,I am  twenty years old,149 tall  and  weight 49 kilogram. I was born on 27th October 1992. The day   was  on  Tuesday and the time was 10.27 p.m  while the vanue  was Hospital  Raja Perempuan Zainab ‘2’ Kota Bharu .Out of 4 siblings , I am third and the  only  daughter in my family. I have two elder brothers , two sisters in  laws  , a younger brother in Standard 2 and two nephews  , both boys aging  3 and 1years. All us are staying  together in a terrace  house with four rooms in Taman Desa Jaya , Telaga Nibong, Kota Bharu,Kelantan.
          Being the only daughter in the family , I have been  pampered and loved by all , especially my  father. He tends to my every need and  never give  up on me .His   encouragement and supports   always  blossom and  become  my guider. Since  my childhood  days, I have an ambition  of becoming  a graphic and animation  designer and now  having the opportunity  to achieve  my  dreamt  through the course I  am having  for my degree  in Creative Technology in University Malaysia  Kelantan.
                As for my hobby, it is closely related  to my liking and  disliking in  life. I  like reading, watching  movies especially Korea   and  Japanese   dramas.  I  learn  their languages and  I  even have  pen pals  from Korean   and  Japan   . Practically  ,  I  can speak  a bit  of both languages   and  hope to be better. During  my free time, I   practice my  drawing , especially animations. In  addition, I  like people who are honest , kind and    helpful. I  dislike the  opposite,  wasting time , loitering , vandalism  or having  peer grouping  are not  my styles. When  it comes to shopping , I prefer  to  go with  my family .
                 Next , like everybody else , I too have  memorable  days  .My   first  day in school at  Sekolah  Kebangsaan  Tengku Indera Petra was a very happy  moment as my loving father stood  by  me  until  the end  of class. Above  all,  when  I  received an  offer  to  further my study in  University  Malaysia   Kelantan,  watching the  happy  faces   of  my  family, especially my  father,  was  the  greatest   moment  of  my  life . I  made  a promise  to myself that I  would study hard   and  achieve  my  ambition  .Hopefully , it is  a bless  .
             As  far  my personal   affair  ,  I am  still  a loner and  will   always be  so  until   I have     fully  achieve   my  target   in  life. Besides, there is a lot   for  me  to  learn  about livelihood   and well being  practically . For me, being  well  educated  is  my top  priority and nothing  can change  that. Apart from   that,  other  circumstances  must  come  in  line  according   to  their   importance.
             In   conclusion ,  I truly  believe  and  hopefully  ,  I  will  achieve  my target  and become  a  somebody  that  would  be  admired  and  pleasured  by all .  Most  of  all , I would end   up  being  my  father’ s    proudest  daughter  .

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